What No One Tells You About Shopping Local

“Shop local.” You may have heard this bit of advice. Maybe you know it is good for the community because it helps the local economy. Is there more to it? Here is a list of reasons to ditch online giants and chain stores for locally owned businesses and restaurants.

Local businesses….

  • Create jobs. Who doesn’t want more opportunities for their family, friends, and neighbors? Most new jobs are created by local businesses and when you purchase from a locally-owned business, you are supporting job creation in your community. Maybe you need a new job or a part-time gig to supplement your income. Look into locally owned businesses for employment!
  • Support non-profits, charities, clubs, and community schools. Local businesses often give generously back to the community. Big chains aren’t as likely to sponsor a volleyball team or volunteer at a soup kitchen. Local businesses are more emotionally invested in their community. When they give back, they choose to support their friends, neighbors, and customers in their own area.
  • Pay taxes that directly affect you. Taxes paid by local businesses are used within the community. These dollars go right into the programs, schools, roads, and parks that you and your family use.
  • Provide better customer service. Customer service is much better. Business owners and their employees are often very passionate about their products and services. They can give you more reliable, honest information when compared to big chain stores.
  • Make you feel appreciated…because you are!

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