Events During COVID-19

Canceled graduations. Canceled weddings. Canceled ball games. We’ve experienced many disappointments this year. Anticipated events unraveled and we’ve had to postpone or reimagine everything. Presently, Northwest Indiana is adjusting to a new normal. Part of our new normal is that we are resuming some events, but they are different. Some are online. Others are outdoors with social distancing and masks.

Yes, many events this spring and summer were canceled, but the world is still turning. Milestones and holidays that warrant celebration will still happen. However, health and safety are most important. That is why extra safeguards and instructions are needed for each event. A benefit to printed invites is that you can include detailed instructions to your guests. Will you have a group video chat? A small group meeting in the park? An online gaming session? No matter how you decide to host your event, printed invitations can help you communicate how your event will unfold.

Whether you are an individual or a small business owner, consider printing invitations with family-owned BoyConn Printers. With everything online – work and play – a printed invitation is for your guests’ hands. In its own way, it closes the gap of social distancing. It is also something beautiful they can post on their refrigerator and become excited. Afterall, isn’t it nice to have something to anticipate?

Check out our blog about the benefits of print, by clicking HERE! In this blog, we detailed how holding a physical object helps your guests remember the information. The artistry of the design creates a sensory experience. This kind of experience can’t be reproduced online. Even if your event will be held online – get printed invitations! It is fun to receive something other than bills in the mail and your guests will enjoy the surprise.

Professionally printed invitations will save you time, money and stress. The crew at BoyConn Printers is proud to provide the best quality and customer service possible to Northwest Indiana. Call today at 219-462-2665 or email and let BoyConn know how they can help you create the perfect invitation!