Events During COVID-19

Canceled graduations. Canceled weddings. Canceled ball games. We’ve experienced many disappointments this year. Anticipated events unraveled and we’ve had to postpone or reimagine everything. Presently, Northwest Indiana is adjusting to a new normal. Part of our new normal is that we are resuming some events, but they are different. Some are online. Others are outdoors with social distancing and masks.
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How to Promote Your Reopening with Print

In Indiana, businesses that shut down operations due to COVID-19 are slowly reopening. No matter where your business is in the reopening process, you will need to convey important reopening information to your customers.  Each business will go about this shift to reopen in their own ways. Depending on your industry and customers, things may …

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Why We Love Yard Signs #INTHISTOGETHER

Calling all students! BoyConn Printers has a fun way to show your school pride…even when you are stuck inside. The Connor family is pleased to offer yard signs for students. The idea sprang to life when family friends requested yard signs to honor their children. These 18 x 24-signs are perfect for seniors! Graduation is …

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What No One Tells You About Shopping Local

“Shop local.” You may have heard this bit of advice. Maybe you know it is good for the community because it helps the local economy. Is there more to it? Here is a list of reasons to ditch online giants and chain stores for locally owned businesses and restaurants. Local businesses…. Create jobs. Who doesn’t …

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Why Print?

The invention of printing changed the world. It enabled us as a society to share information fast and improved communication. Printing made so many things possible. Even with the development of digital communication, printing is not obsolete. There is a power in hardcopies, albeit printed invitations, photos, marketing materials, ect. Holding something in your hand …

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How to Use a Flyer to Stand Out

Do you want your business to stand out? Of course, you do! You can make a great impression while communicating important information with a flyer. When you have an eye-catching design on high quality paper, your flyers are seen. Flyers are tried-and-true marketing material, especially when they are professionally made. They go beyond digital marketing …

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