How to Use a Flyer to Stand Out

Do you want your business to stand out? Of course, you do! You can make a great impression while communicating important information with a flyer. When you have an eye-catching design on high quality paper, your flyers are seen. Flyers are tried-and-true marketing material, especially when they are professionally made. They go beyond digital marketing because your customers can hold your message right in their hands.

It’s great to make eye contact with customers and hand them your flyer. However, to reach the most people, you can distribute flyers around your community.

Just some ways to distribute your flyers include:

  • Post them on designated local business cork boards in coffee shops.
  • Post them on the cork board in the grocery store.
  • Ask your gym if you can post.
  • Ask your church if you can post.
  • Place them in library books.
  • Place them between the front door and storm door in neighborhoods.
  • Place them on cars, under the windshield wiper.
  • Mail them.
  • Ask friends and family members to disperse them at work.
  • Put them in newspapers.
  • Include them in bags with purchase.
  • Hand out flyers in front of your business.

There are countless ways to reach your customers or potential customers with a well-done, professional flyer. What do you want to say with your flyer?  BoyConn Printing can help you create something that stands out. Contact us today! 219-462-2665 or

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