How to Promote Your Reopening with Print

In Indiana, businesses that shut down operations due to COVID-19 are slowly reopening. No matter where your business is in the reopening process, you will need to convey important reopening information to your customers.  Each business will go about this shift to reopen in their own ways. Depending on your industry and customers, things may look different in a post-shutdown marketplace.

At BoyConn Print & Copy, we are a family-owned local business. We know, at least in part, what you are facing. A common thread among us business owners is that we all want to make this shift the best way we can. Since this is a complicated matter, many companies are choosing to release statements. These statements are often more than a few words or phrases, which is not ideal in the online realm. Typically, you can edit your message down to something more suitable for online content. However, when you are reopening, every word matters. There are many ideas and facts that need to be conveyed to your audience. This is where the tried-and-true realm of print advertisement comes in handy.

Professionally printed promotion materials are a personal, physical form of communication. Why not bring your logo out of the virtual world and into the physical realm? What about giving your advertising a personal touch? There are many good reasons to reach your audience with print — check out our blog, by clicking HERE! With longer-than-usual reopening statements and advertising, your patrons can easily read your print material with a cup of coffee. It is important to communicate your message in its entirety, and a professionally printed reopening material may have a better chance of being read.

No matter where you are with reopening — dashing through the green light, proceeding slowly with yellow, or are completely stopped on red – your business will benefit from professionally printed promotional materials. Here at BoyConn Printers, we can help you reopen your business on the right foot with high-end, printed marketing materials. For more information, call 219-462-2665 or email: projects@boyconn.com